Althea and Maeve never asked for eternal life.
Born in the early sixteenth century, their survival depended on hiding their special abilities from the superstitious village people they lived among. Controlling the elements and healing animals would get a person executed for witchery.

As they grew older Maeve got tired of hiding and that’s when disaster followed. Soon the twin-sisters would come to wish that their abilities included going back in time to change tragic events.

In this New Adult Fantasy trilogy, Elin Peer and Pearl Beacon introduce you to an epic tale that spreads out over centuries. Get ready to fall in love with the lush and magical Orenda and to be intrigued by the secret world of people with magical powers which includes some very handsome and mysterious shape shifters.

Ancient Souls

After reincarnating endless lifetimes, Karma, Gaia, and Miracle learned everything about the human experience, or so they thought.

Karma’s work as a teacher of empathy gets sloppy and leaves the community of ancient souls to make a demand of her. She must return to earth and clean up the mess she made for seventeen-year-old Emma White.

For Karma, it’s a rush to be back in a physical body, and life as a junior student in high school student shouldn’t be a problem for someone who has guided humans for thousands of years. But much has happened since Karma last walked the earth back in the times of ancient Greece. Facing teachers, bullies, parents, and Emma’s crush, Ty, gets complicated when Karma doesn’t have her usual powers and can’t reveal that she’s a soul of infinite wisdom. And how does one answer a text message?

Ancient Souls is an urban fantasy novel that will take you on an emotional roller coaster. It’s witty, wise, and will make you turn pages all night long.

Written by Elin Peer and Pearl Beacon, the mother/daughter team behind Amazon Bestselling series Men of the North.

This trilogy will follow three different ancient souls as they go back to earth on missions that should be simple enough if it wasn’t because human lives are annoyingly easy to mess up.