I was born in Denmark but lived most of my life in the US.

As a young child, my ability to see spirits freaked out my parents. For a while, my father who is an engineer tried hard to find logical explanations for the physical phenomena that happened in our house. When I was around nine or ten, I began helping lost spirits into the light until I saw a local shaman who helped me realize that my purpose in this lifetime is not to assist the dead; I’m here to help the living.

Today, I have honed my gift to communicate with spirit guides. Mine and yours. It brings me great pleasure to help you validate what your soul already knows and serve as a conduit between you and your team of spirit guides.

I aim to reach and serve as many people as possible, which is why my books are meant to entertain while giving insight into some of the spiritual values that I practice in life such as tolerance and fairness. The stories are fictional, fast-paced, entertaining, and always with a twist of something paranormal because that is my comfort zone.

When I’m not writing, speaking, or doing sessions, I live a quiet life close to nature surrounded by people I love and my dog, Lucky, who thinks I hug and kiss him too much. How can I not when tapping into the causal level fills me with an overwhelming sense of love for all living beings.